The Big "C"

There are 17 municipal entities in the U.S. that are named "Dallas." Many years ago, the advertising and promotion experts connected with the City of Dallas, Texas, created a promotion to re-title Dallas as the "Big D" and it became an immediate huge success.

In the political arena, "conservative" is almost always used with a small "c," an adjective or adverb. When used in political party names, too often it reflects an ideologue which is a narrow band of ideas. Thus, Conservatism has been corrupted over the past 80-90 years.

Now on the scene is the Conservative Party USA, the Big "C"!

If one reads carefully the Principles and Senses of the Conservative Party, one quickly notices that the Conservative Party doesn't connect solely with the U.S. Constitution, although, certainly, it is a major Founding document. Also, absent is any direct connection with the Declaration of Independence, the Mayflower Compact, the Federalist Papers, or any other Founding documents.

So then, what is the connection of the Conservative Party to "Conservatism?" What is Conservatism? Some learned Conservatives call it a "Culture." The noted Conservative, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. called it a "Mood." The Conservative Party like's to illustrate it as an "Atmosphere." Many years ago, when one wanted to compliment someone they may have said, "I like Mary Smith. She has a nice atmosphere about her." Or, "I always enjoy going to Mary's house. Her home has such a nice atmosphere."

That begs the next question. In that context, what is "atmosphere?"

Forgive this comparison, but one jurist when questioned about how he could recognize pornography, answered that he knew it when they saw it.

What is a nice atmosphere? When stepping outside to a beautiful day, isn't it a point of just knowing it? Poets and writers can describe the beauty of that day with thousands of words; however, imbedded in our human nature is the ability to "know it!" We just know what freedom is. What life is. What happiness is. If we allow Conservatism to take on too much ideologue then we start defining to others what freedom, life, and happiness is about.

In sum, the Conservative Party doesn't intend to define your life. Its mission is to permit a principled political and social "atmosphere" to exist.

Conservative Party USA
All rights reserved
January 2009