Core Principles

Declaration on Life
Life is an unalienable human right that begins at the moment of conception, is defensible against unjust aggressors, is only penalized commensurate with a crime against society, and ends at death.

Declaration on Liberty
The only necessary size and function of a constitutional government sovereign from other nations is to protect its citizens from all forms of aggression and catastrophes and nothing else.

Declaration on the Pursuit of Happiness

1. Personal Wealth
The accumulation of all forms of personal wealth by any and all means, absent crime, is an unalienable right that can only be diminished by others to whom permission has been legally granted by its owner.

2. Family
Family formation in marriage is between one man and one woman, the exclusive conduct of which is reserved to them by nature including their right to have and educate their children and rises from the beginning of time and is an unalienable right.

Conservative Party USA @#174
January 2013
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