Kevin King

Kevin D. King was born in Lemoore, California and grew up in Miami and Orlando, Florida. Kevin's early career path was in law enforcement where he served with the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orlando. After four years of public service, Kevin moved into the construction equipment industry and is currently part of a global start-up venture that manufactures wastewater evaporation equipment for the energy and mining sectors.

Kevin has been married over 15 years and is raising three children in Grand Junction, Colorado. Kevin has been involved with several non-profit groups in town where he has served in board leadership capacities for Warrior at Heart men's ministry, Grand Junction Soccer Club, and his HOA. Kevin also started a new blog called "VetTheGov" that focuses on government efficiency and transparency.

Kevin became involved politically during the 2010 election cycle after seeing many of his friends suffering from the recession caused by government fiscal irresponsibility. Kevin changed from Independent back into the Republican Party after hearing the typical argument to stay in the party and make a difference. Kevin learned the Caucus process and how to get conservative candidates on the ballot. Kevin realized, however, the Republican Party has lost its backbone and the ability to choose conservative candidates and decided to join the Conservative Party (Colorado) and serve as its Chairman. Kevin agrees with 40% of Independents in most Colorado districts that the time is now for a strong conservative movement and the Conservative Party has a clear and powerful platform.

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