Phil Prucey

A life-long resident of northeast Ohio, Phil Prucey is a graduate of Fenn College of Engineering, now part of Cleveland State University.
He has been married for 26 years and has two sons. Growing up with an interest in mechanical design, Phil started his career while still in high school by working part time as a mechanical draftsman.

After graduating from Mentor High, he continued his education by attending a local community college and finally completing a Bachelors Degree. Technical Sales seemed to be the perfect fit for someone who enjoyed the face-to-face interactions of the design process and Phil is now the International Sales Manager for a capital equipment manufacturer in the Cleveland, Ohio region.

Phil is an avid boater/jet skier enjoying the southern shores of Lake Erie during the always too short summer months. Participating in high-performance road course driving events is of great interest as is singing tenor in his church choir.

The desire to become involved in the political arena was always present and became stronger during the first Gulf War. Living a relatively conservative life, conservatism was a natural tendency when absorbing the political news throughout the years. Phil is more convinced than ever that we need to begin taking the necessary steps toward shifting our governing philosophy back to that which has made America the greatest place on earth.

Phil will use his experience and conservative values as Chairman of CP-OH to educate, guide and motivate others to join this movement to sustain the American way of life.

Conservative Party USA