George Zatulovsky

George Zatulovsky was born and raised in Ukraine, southwestern part of the former Soviet Union.

He graduated from Kiev State University with a M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics / Computer Science.

Since coming to US in 1979 he worked for several Silicon Valley high-tech companies, and later on held various consulting and executive positions with companies like Ernst & Young, IBM and Gartner Group. For the last 10 years George has been working in a mortgage lending industry.

George resides in Foster City, CA with his wife. His hobbies include domestic and international travel and fitness training (George has been involved in martial arts for over 30 years, with a rank of the Black Belt for the last 11 years).

Growing up in the former Soviet Union, George has fully experienced the impact of the communist government overpowering force on the political and social freedoms in that country. That is why he strongly feels that without limits and boundaries of any government there can never be true freedom and prosperity, and that is why he joined a Conservative Party.

Conservative Party USA